We had a reunion in New Brunswick, summer 2009.

George and Stella's grandson, Kelly Backs, made a plaque to commemorate the years that

George and Stella were light keepers on the island, and the family gathered to place build a cairn and place it there.

Here are some photos of the event:


Three generations on the island.

(That's me top right, with all the hair...windy day!!)

This is the plaque that we placed on the island. It was created by George and Stella's grandson, Kelly Backs.

Grandson Kris Backs, marking the spot where they will build the cairn.

Grandson Kelly Backs, designer of the plaque, beginning work on the cairn.

Grandson Kelly Backs, and son Joe's wife Alice, laying first layer for the cairn.

On the dock in New Mills, getting ready to go to the island.

On the way.

Here is the first boatload in the smaller boat going over to the island,

left to right, George and Stella's grandson George, daughter Lydia, son Tony,

great grandson Max, me holding him, grandson Kelly, son Joe, great grandson Dylan.

Good shot of the island and the second boat load nearing it.

Four surviving children:

In back: Tony, Joe and Lydia,

me in front.


The grandkids that were there for the unveiling,

far back, George LaPointe, Allen LaPointe, Kevin Backs,

Sandra LaPointe McGrath, Kris and Kelly Backs in front.

Great grandchildren Max Backs and Dylan LaPointe

(and they really are great!!)

Lydia, Joe and Dylan.

Me and Lydia at the Heron Island dock.

Reluctantly leaving the island.

A poster made by granddaughter Sandra, with photos of all those family members who have passed away and could not join us for the reunion.

Me and two of my sons leaving Campbellton to return to Toronto after the reunion.

On the left, in back, my brother Tony, Valerie, his friend, me, my son Kris, Alice, my brother Stan's widow

with her arm around her grandson Dylan, and my son Mark.

It was a great reunion. We had a big dinner, music, all played by family, and darn good,

Looking to return in two years to see the plaque, and of course, each other.

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